Implementation of IP-telephony and launch of contact center in RSK Bank
The "RSK Bank" is among the top 10 largest banks in Kyrgyzstan. The leader in terms of the size of the branch network among the country's banks. 100% of shares are owned by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Maksim Nekrasov, Head of the Information Technologies Department of RSK Bank, told how the penetration of IP-telephony and the launch of the contact center contributed to effective communication between customers and specialists of the bank.
— What is the reason why "RSK Bank" decided to get rid of analogue telephone communication?

— The existing ATE has gotten old. There were constant failures of communication - clients called one number and connected to another, or the lines were constantly busy. Therefore, we decided to give up analogue communication in favor of digital communication. There were difficulties in managing the existing system. Moreover, at that moment RSK Bank reached the limit in the number of telephone numbers - it was necessary to urgently expand the internal number pool. Due to the lack of a video conferencing system (VCS), specialists from regional branches had to be invited to Bishkek on a regular basis and time and money had to be spent on organizing meetings with the management. That's why we decided to introduce IP-telephony and launch VCNS system. In addition, the bank was faced with the task of creating its own contact center for prompt customer support.

— What kind of options of IP-telephony and videoconferencing solutions considered RSK Bank?

— We considered several vendor products that offer both complex solutions for IP-telephony and video-conferencing, and options that did not have VCNS functionality, but are suitable for making direct video calls. We paid attention to the reputation of the vendor, reliability and functionality of the systems offered to us. We were interested in solutions that represent the most complete range of components.

— Why did you choose Cisco Systems products?

— In order to implement the project on penetration of IP-telephony on the basis of the studied solutions the technical requirements were drawn up and an open tender was announced. Along with other companies, Green Light also participated in the tender, which included not only favorable prices, but also training of our employees for the administration and management of the system. The equipment from Cisco met the technical and functional requirements of the bank and was characterized as multifunctional and had the minimal cost.

— What solutions were finally implemented in RSK Bank, and what results were achieved?

— In the head office and branches of the bank in the Chui region, we have installed more than 350 Cisco IP-phones. We managed to expand the number pool to 1,000 lines. The quality of communication has improved and the number of cables in the offices has decreased. The new functionality made it possible to save on calls to other cities of Kyrgyzstan, as well as beyond its borders, all this because not traditional telephone networks, but the Internet network is used. The launch of the Cisco Meeting Server video conferencing system made it possible to save on business trips for the bank's employees: now there is no need to spend money on travel, accommodation of employees, business trips. VCCS allows holding meetings with colleagues from the regions "on the fly".

— Are you ready to recommend Green Light to your partners and why would you recommend?

The Green Light specialists implement projects qualitatively and on time. In addition, the company constantly conducts various training activities for partners like seminars, webinars, and training courses.
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