Implementation of IP telephony
in Alfa Telecom
CJSC Alfa Telecom (MegaCom) is a national communications operator in the Kyrgyz Republic. 100% of shares are owned by the state. It is one of the top ten largest companies in the country.
Taalaibek Majitov, former director of information technology:
MegaCom has strict IT infrastructure requirements. Hardware needs to be highly productive and functional, and its flexibility needs to be scaled up as needed. The process of updating the IT infrastructure is continuous, because the business of mobile operators has daily requirements to create new services for subscribers, open additional services and much more. All this requires a quick response from IT. A year and a half ago the business faced the task of reducing the cost of international calls, but at the same time increasing the quality and capacity of communication channels.

Any telecommunications company does its best to use the most modern information technologies for voice transmission, - said Taalai Mazhitov. Everything that happened to the voice before was expensive and inefficient. MegaCom strives to reduce its costs by applying new technologies. It is about organizing international conversations of subscribers from Kyrgyzstan with subscribers in other countries. Previously, E-1 stream was used for this purpose but because of its high cost and limited capacity it was complicated to organize. As the protocols for voice transmission via the Internet are developing rapidly, we decided to use their advantages. For this purpose, Cisco has an excellent solution that allows you to fully use the IP protocol SIP - it is Session Boarder Controler (SBC). We came to the fact that we needed this solution, because it allows us to conduct hundreds of times more one-time voice sessions over the Internet, while significantly reducing the unit cost of renting communication lines.

It is important for us that the vendor is fully represented in the region, because it solves the issues of technical support and rapid response in case of need.

At the moment, such a company is Cisco, and the company Green Light, which offered this solution, has all the necessary specialists. This is a significant saving when it is not necessary to hire experts from abroad. As a result, we have received a flexible solution, the capacity of which we will be able to increase by several times without extra costs in the future.

What are the benefits? First, is flexibility and high return on investment. But the most important advantage is our subscribers, because when we use smaller IT-resources we can reduce the cost of international calls for them. In the course of the project, Green Light was able to fulfill all contractual obligations. In addition, Green Light's employees always strive to perform tasks quickly, efficiently and clearly. It is important that this company is one of the few who not only implements the project, but also provides expertise in the efficiency of solutions.