Electronic School Enrollment: Green Light and Dell have ensured that children's data is safely stored
The system "Electronic school enrollment" is a free software product for the implementation of public educational services, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
In autumn 2018, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic announced the launch of the automated information system "Electronic school enrollment".

Parents were able to register their children for first grade online in a few clicks. At the same time, the government eliminated corruption risks and guaranteed the safety of data transmission.

TLN Company won the tender to develop the system. The server equipment supplier was Green Light.

Azamat Abdraev, General Director of the company, spoke about the protection of children's data and technical features of the equipment that was used.
— How is the protection of children's personal data controlled in the system?

The system was created in accordance with modern safety standards. Since the information is confidential, it is by no means shouldn't be passed on to unauthorized people. Personal data is encrypted and protected by special cryptographic tools. Neither copies of birth certificates nor passport data are stored in the EZSh database.
Сервера, на которых работает система, находятся в надёжно защищенном Центре обработки данных, куда имеют доступ только сотрудники центра. Каналы передачи данных также защищены. Также предусмотрена система резервного копирования данных.

The servers on which the system operates are located in a secure data processing center, which is accessible only to the employees of the center. Data transmission channels are also protected. There is also a system of data backup.
— Can you guarantee that your personal data will not be attacked?

Any web resource can be attacked. Of course, our system is also attacked from time to time. However, we have not detected any successful hacking incidents at the moment. The system is completely secure. It is possible to destroy it only by direct hit of a bomb.

This is, of course, a joke! We have ruled out the possibility of personal information leakage. In addition, our employees are responsible for the safety and security of data under the law.
— What equipment was used to store the data?
The system runs on the servers of the world's leading vendor Dell. The supplier of the equipment is Green Light, which professionally consulted us and offered solutions for AIS.
When implementing the project, Dell EMC PowerEdge R440 rack-mounted servers and Dell EMC T440 server in the Tower enclosure were used.