Green Light and Dell Technologies helped "Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank" to improve customer service
Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank is the first and only bank in the Kyrgyz Republic with Swiss capital
The Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank, with the help of Dell Technologies solutions, changed the attitude to customer service, increased the efficiency and security of operations and used IT as a strategic business tool.

The bank provides a wide range of services: loans for corporate clients, loans to small and medium businesses, bank cards, deposits, lease of safe deposit boxes, money transfers, Internet banking iBank,Cash and settlement services, payroll projects, bank guarantees.

Due to the outdated approach to the server infrastructure, long queues were formed in the customer service halls and IT specialists spent a lot of time and resources on recovery.

The Bank wanted to improve the automated and computational system for employees who work directly with clients.

Given that customer information is one of the most important assets of the bank, guaranteeing data availability and security is one of the main tasks of the IT service.
The main objective was to increase the stability of the customer service system, as well as to create and guarantee the safe storage of data backups.
In order to fulfill all these tasks, the bank chose Green Light as a system integrator, which will effectively solve the tasks.

The construction of a full-fledged data processing center in partnership with VMware (Dell Technologies subdivision), installation of two Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Dell EMC PowerVault data storage system allowed the Swiss bank to qualitatively transform the customer service and offer new services.

The bank's specialists simplified IT management, reduced costs and improved security.

The bank plans to install Site Recovery Manager from VMWare and double the number of virtual servers.